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General Impressions

Learn German in Austria

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School No one told me I was studying German in a palace!
Damon, USA

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School A friend of mine from Italy, Sarah, told me about this school and that it is a very nice place to learn German.
Arturo, Italy

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School I like that the study groups are small and that I can always ask when I do not understand grammar. The teachers always have time to explain everything to me and I believe to learn very fast this way.
Natalia, Slovakia

Student Opinions about ActiLingua Teachers When I was learning German in Japan, I was only doing it in Japanese, so there quite some areas lacking. So learning German actually in German really is something good in my opinion.
Natsumi, Japan

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School I’m a big self-learner […] but there comes a point, especially when you’re learning German, that you need some instruction
Damon, USA

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School I was very impressed with how quickly I progressed. Your teaching methods upgraded my German language skills expeditiously.
Yasmin, Kenya

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School Top class international language school.
Robert, United Kingdom

I was nervous about coming to ActiLingua because I am an older learner & I was afraid I would feel out of place. I felt immediately accepted because the focus at ActiLingua is on learning the language. I had fun & learned a great deal. Thank you!
Jill, USA

Perfect an friendly school that will actually help you with the language you want to learn.
Ema, Czech Republic

Thank you for the unforgettable experience!
Dita, Czech Republic

This isn’t just a German course. It’s a private school with unlimited possibilities.
Vitaly, Estonia

The first day, when I met all my friends from last year, was my most memorable moment here.
Ulada, Ukraine

Good organization, friendly teachers and good location near the city center.
Jan, Czech Republic

Great teachers! Always smiling! Always in a good mood.
Penelope, Switzerland

I have learned a lot! Much more than I expected!
Silvia, Spain

I really liked the introduction to the dialect and "Umgangssprache". The school is very nice and the teachers are friendly and helpful. I'd come again!
Benjamin, USA

I liked ActiLingua very much. All the people and teachers were very helpful and kind. I liked best, that everyone who works for ActiLingua is young and understands students who come here not only to learn the language but also to get to know the people and the city. I liked that we talked a lot in German and we did a great progress in grammar.
Dunja, 18, Croatia

ActiLingua was excellent, I found it very friendly and the facilities (e.g. Internet) very helpful. I enjoyed the constant rotation of teachers as it was interesting to see their approach to classes.
Noel, 19, Ireland

Thanks for all you have done for my son, John Finney. Special thanks to his teacher, Barbara, for all her help in teaching John and taking care of him (including a visit to the doctor). You are giving John a wonderful experience and memories for his whole life.
William, USA

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School The course is very interesting and stimulating. I live in a perfect host family. The mother is ‘die perfekte Mutti’.
Annalisa Maerle, 44, Italien

I made a lot of friends. And I learned a lot of vocabulary.
Atsuko, Japan

I was very happy. The lessons, accommodation and the teachers' enthusiasm were super. My stay in Vienna was a successful experience. Thank you.
Siobhan, England

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School It’s a good school for learning German: Good location, comfortable class rooms, friendly teachers, few students per class, no need of books, not many people.
Jandno, Brazil

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School I could decide myself how many weeks I would like to stay, the school seemed very serious and it offered many different courses and levels. A great school where you can learn German from your own level. Everyone is so nice and helpful there so you can feel safe and secure about anything
Stina, Sweden

When I think of happy days in my life and good friends, my thoughts always fly to Vienna and ActiLingua. Thank you very much, once more, for the nice time I have had with you (I mean everything: lessons, excursions, meetings at the Heurigen...). I hope we will meet each other again.
Alberto, 27, Italy

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School My teacher is very active and funny. It is a lot of fun.
Erika, Venezuela

I am very pleased, got many useful tips and could visit Vienna’s sights every day.
Marta, Poland

You can meet lots of young people and improve your German.
Alzbeta, Czech Republic

I've studied three months with ActiLingua and I've learnt lots of things about the German language and the Austrian culture and history. The school is situated in the center of the town, you can go everywhere you want with the public transportation. All the teachers are young and they are also good friends. You always know all the other students because the school is not so big. I also believe that you can learn the best German here.
Maria, 25, Sweden

Impressions of ActiLingua Language School I like the opportunity to live with other people, experience the Austrian culture. I found a lot of new friends.
Pauline Leitão, 19, Brasilien

I really liked the grammar lessons.
Beril Oguz, Turkey

... It's an amazing, exciting and beautiful experience; you meet people from all over the world, you get to know other cultures, other minds and other life styles. I advise you to come to Vienna with ActiLingua. Here you'll find a friendly and serious staff who will help you with your studies. You can choose between different kind of courses. The school provides also accommodation. You can choose between a student house or an Austrian family. I live with an Austrian family and they are very kind with me ... In Vienna there is much to do, for every taste and everybody. You have a big choice of theatre, cinema, opera, museum, restaurants and the famous Viennese Kaffeehäuser. ... People who like the night life are also welcome. There are many pubs, discos and different places where to meet people and talk with. Andrea, 22, Switzerland

They are all very friendly and very sociable and funny and can easy explain things in very easy ways. They know how to make a class to run. They are natural talented. They are the best.
Agi, 24, Sweden

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