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Cultural and Special Interest Programme

Austrian Culture, Music and History

We organize special talks, discussions and videos about Austrian culture, music, art, literature, history and architecture. Films, tours of the many sights of Vienna, parties and sports all form part of this programme.

Austrian Culture Programme

Excerpt from lectures and activities (free of charge) | Photos


  • Mozart - the two sides to his genius
  • Austrian pop music - Falco and others
  • Johann Strauß - the king of the Viennese Waltz

The Austrian way of life and regional studies

  • What's on in Vienna - culture, hotspots and events
  • Austrian cuisine - beer, wine, coffee, Wienerschnitzel, Knödel and Sachertorte
  • Introduction to Austria - the federal provinces, their history and their attractions

Art, architecture and intellectual history

Fin de siècle in Vienna - Art Nouveau
Karlsplatz Metro Station One of the last century’s most important art movements was certainly "Jugendstil". Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka had a lasting influence on European painting. Naturally, Vienna possesses large collections of these artists' works - for instance at Belvedere Palace, close to the school. First, brush up your background knowledge at our Jugendstil lecture and then take a look for yourself!

Worthy of note are also the buildings designed by Jugendstil architect Otto Wagner. He designed many places in Vienna, such as the Stadtbahn stations at Karlsplatz and along the Naschmarkt, and the main post office on Vienna’s Ringstraße. The Wiener Secession - another perfect example of Jugendstil architecture - was planned by one of his students.

  • Biedermeier - between the revolutions
  • Siegmund Freud


The House of Habsburg

Schloß Schönbrunn Our lectures on history, art, literature and politics give deep insight into Austrian and German culture. Who, for instance, was Emperor Franz Josef? Most will answer: a Habsburg emperor in the 19th century and the husband of Empress Sisi, of course! But those wanting to find out more about these two popular Austrian celebrities simply have to attend Mario’s lecture! It goes without saying that Sisi fans are also treated to showings of the films starring Romy Schneider.

Vienna's Michaelerplatz with the ruins of Vindobona Do you know anything about Viennese history?
Do you know what "Vindobona" means?

If not, then you should come and listen to our lecture on Roman Vienna. "Vindobona" was the Roman legion base on the northern edge of the Roman Empire, the place where Vienna lies today. A number of remains, for instance at Vienna’s Michaelerplatz, are witness to the Roman presence some 2,000 years ago.

  • Franz Joseph and Sisi - the dream couple at the turn of the century

Fun and Adventure

  • Party and waltzing class - Alles Walzer! Photos
  • Evening city walks - Vienna by night!
  • Cooking - Wiener Schnitzel, Dumplings, Kaiserschmarrn prepared by you! Photos
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